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Colette Laine
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Colette is a Republican write-in candidate. Click below to learn more about the process so we can keep Comal County conservative.

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Colette Laine, business and property owner in Comal County, has become a voice for concerned property owners when she and husband, Raul Flores, hosted a meet up at their coffeeshop over the drastically high 2022 property tax appraisals. Over 200 property owners showed up for that event to learn about the property tax matrix and how to fight the sky-high appraisals.

Then Colette Laine coordinated a meet up of the concerned property owners at the Comal County Commissioners Court on May 5, 2022. Approximately 75 - 100 property owners showed up. Many spoke publicly to the Commissioners about the unfair and unrealistic tax burden being placed on them due to the unprecedented population growth and demanded that the Commissioners lower the county tax rate to off-set the sky-high appraisals. The disregarding attitude displayed to the concerned property owners by the Precinct 4 Commissioner is what sparked Colette Laine’s motivation to seek the Comal County Commissioner Precinct 4 seat.

Comal County desperately needs a financial watchdog and a true conservative voice who will hold the line to protect our individual liberties and rural values that makes our community so desirable to live in. A student of public policy, laws, and regulations, Colette has worked with policy makers at all levels of government in efforts to enact positive policy reform and push back against destructive government overreach. We can trust Colette to be a good steward of our tax dollars, ensure individual sovereignty, and protect our rural way of life.

Colette and Raul at coffee shop

Principled. Conservative.

As Your Pct. 4 County Commissioner, Colette will

Fight Government Overreach
Fight To Lower Property Taxes
Protect Our Rural Values


Comal County Sovereignty

Colette Laine is a believer in personal responsibility and being fully informed when making decisions. Colette has raised the issue before the Comal County Commissioners that there are “strings attached” to the American Rescue Plan Act money that the Commissioners have accepted into Comal County. By accepting this federal bailout money, Commissioners have hitched Comal County to the future whims of a rogue Federal government.

Comal County needs a guardian, a watcher in these unprecedented times. Comal County residents never again want to experience another unconstitutional economic shutdown caused by our governments. The closing of our churches and the non stop fear mongering coming from the top down to justify these unconstitutional actions has Colette on high alert! Colette Laine does not support inoculation or mask mandates. Colette acknowledges that current residents and those desiring to live in Comal County are freedom lovers. We enjoy less restriction and less bureaucracy and rural living. As County Commissioner, Pct. 4 Colette vows to stand in the gap and be an advocate for Comal residents, not an echo chamber for the Federal government.

Keep Comal County Rural

The efforts by bad actors to destabilize our country are having a negative effect on Comal County residents and property owners. One developer was quoted as saying Comal County lacks “density-type subdivisions”. Multiple density-type subdivisions usher in urban sprawl, increased traffic, and over-burden of our electric and water resources. We are currently seeing side effects of density-type subdivisions with treated wastewater being pumped into the Guadalupe River which then flows into Canyon Lake. There are more of these developments planned for Comal County, Precinct 4 in the very near future who want to dump more treated wastewater into Canyon Lake via the Guadalupe River.

Many people believe that stop gaps like Water Conservation Districts and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality are supposed to protect our communities and the environment by preventing things like sewage from entering our water supply. The sad reality is these agencies appear more focused on collecting permit fees and violation fines than they are focused on protecting our water and our communal environment.

Discovering that Canyon Lake is already comprised of treated wastewater with additional treated wastewater planned, has Colette Laine concerned for Comal's future quality of life. As County Commissioner, Colette will utilize her office to promote responsible growth and ensure that the needs of local residents take precedence to that of opportunistic developers.

Lower the Comal County Tax Rate & Fiscal Responsibility

Comal County Commissioners have a spending problem. From 2016 - 2022, County spending has doubled. The yearly budget has increased from $60 million in 2016 to $121 million in 2022.

The Comal County Commissioners blame the drastically high (2022) property appraisals on the Comal Appraisal District. The Comal Appraisal District blames the sky-high appraisals on the growth. There are a lot of moving parts to the property tax appraisal machine. The Comal County Commissioners have maintained approximately the same County Tax Rate for the last four years despite the growth.

As your County Commissioner, Colette will work to lower the County Tax Rate by 20% to help ease the burden of actual property tax paid by property owners. Furthermore, Colette promises she will never vote to give herself a raise as your County Commissioner and will not rubber stamp every spending request that comes across her desk.

Write-In Candidiate FAQ

1. What is a write-in candidate

A write-in candidate is a candidate whose name is not printed on the ballot.

2. Will my write-in vote count?

Yes, in this election your write-in vote will count! Colette Laine's name will appear on the list of Declared Write-in Candidates. The list of declared write-in candidates is posted in each voting booth.

3. How do I write in my vote?

Place an “X” in the square next to the write-in line or write-in column and write in the name of Colette Laine in the Comal County Commissioner, Precinct 4 race.

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